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Fanticide Hole Beast Hostile Terrain

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  • Fanticide Hole Beast Hostile Terrain
  • Fanticide Hole Beast Hostile Terrain
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Fanticide is a miniatures skirmish wargame where you command a warrior band of the most bizarre and violent creatures imaginable. Prepare to do battle against both rival warbands and the deadly, dangerous and surreal world of Nowhere itself!

The Hole Beast is recognized by its mouth parts and grasping tentacles that emerge from the ground. What few know is that the Hole Beast is actually the largest creature ever recorded in Nowhere. Its mouth parts are only one one-hundredth of the creatures total size. The vast bulk of the Hole Beast lives underground, sending out tendrils that break through various parts of the surface over an area of several miles. While the mouth can be destroyed with hard fighting and fire, the Hole Beast really just withdraws it under the ground, only for it to grow back and reemerge elsewhere. The eyes of the Hole Beast are a particularly nasty feature and its been reported their hypnotic stare can see the smallest bird in flight from a mile away. It is those very eyes that often enthrall its victims and draw them in to be eaten.

It is told that the Shamans of the Liberi of the Swarth can cast enchantments and "seeds" that can make a Hole Beast mouth emerge in the spot they select. Many Liberi villages are surrounded and protected by these dread creatures. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

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