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Fanticide Hag Stone Hostile Terrain

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  • Fanticide Hag Stone Hostile Terrain
  • Fanticide Hag Stone Hostile Terrain
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Fanticide is a miniatures skirmish wargame where you command a warrior band of the most bizarre and violent creatures imaginable. Prepare to do battle against both rival warbands and the deadly, dangerous and surreal world of Nowhere itself!

Deep in the forests the Sprytes dance and cavort around ancient, hideously carved altars called Hag Stones. Sprytes abduct wayward warriors and travelers offering them in sacrifice in dark ceremonies marked by the spilling of much blood from living victims. Sprytes consider each component of a sacrifice to be an individualized offering to the Ancient Forest Spirits. The ritual is carried out by removing the various tissues and organs of the victim through elaborate disembowelments. Horrifically, this is done while the victim is still alive. The altar and stone itself are imbued with magic that keeps the victim alive (though in excruciating pain) until the victim's bones are individually pulverized after being stripped of all flesh. Now that is grim and not even whimsically so!

In battle, Sprytes, Bogies, Female Satyrs and Flower Dryads reroll all sanity tests when within twelve (12) inches of a Hag Stone. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

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