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University Games Quidditch: The Game - Pre-owned

  • Quidditch: The Game Board Game
  • Quidditch: The Game Board Game
  • Quidditch: The Game Board Game
THG Price: $20.99


Players control 14 quidditch pieces on a hex board quidditch field. Teams take turns rolling and moving, turning over tiles to search for the snitch, or finding quaffles to shoot through the hoops. Various other tiles reveal bonuses and penalties. When a player wants to score with a quaffle, he loads a quaffle ball into a miniature catapult and tries to launch it through hoop. That scores 10 points. If a seeker token finds the snitch, the team scores 150 points, ends the game, and more likely than not, wins.


This is a pre-owned item. It is complete and in good, lightly played condition. Miniatures or games may be assembled, painted and/or missing pieces. We try to identify any damage, previous repairs, conversions, etc. and detail them here if present, but it is possible that we miss some details. Please see the images for the exact items received, and be aware that as a pre-owned lot, some defaults may be missed.

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