Sit Down!

Sit Down! Rockwell Board Game

  • Sit Down! Rockwell Board Game
  • Sit Down! Rockwell Board Game
  • Sit Down! Rockwell Board Game
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Each player represents a mining company drilling the Earth to get resources. But drilling often request the help of other players (forced or not). Each one therefore moves four drills on the arcs stratum of the planet to successfully implement his mines and extract maximum resources. The Fame points are acquired by spending materials, filling objectives and having majorities of material and money at the end of the game. Goal of the Game... Acquire the most Renown points at the end of the game. There are three ways to achieve this: accomplish achievements (nine in total), make investments, get majorities after the game. Gameplay... The game is divided into three phases that are repeated as many times as necessary until one of two conditions endgame is met: a majority of the players have reached the center of the earth with a drill crew a player has completed the nine Achievements. Then the current round is completed before determining the winner.

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