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Kings of War Undead Ghoul Ghast - Backorder (Mantic Direct)

  • Kings of War Undead Ghoul Ghast
  • Kings of War Undead Ghoul Ghast
  • Kings of War Undead Ghoul Ghast
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This product is a Mantic Direct item. Mantic Direct items are prepared to order by Mantic and are typically not held in stock. Upon purchase, we will place an order for you with Mantic for delivery with our next restock. We typically place restock orders with Mantic at the beginning of every week, with orders shipping to us usually later that week, thus these items usually arrive within 1-2 weeks. Please note, however, that these items are often made to order, and this timeline may be extended if Mantic does not have stock in hand.


Ghouls are devolved, cannibalistic creatures that tear and claw at their prey's soft flesh, ripping it from the enemy before gorging themselves in an unearthly feast. Before battle, Ghouls impale themselves with vicious spikes and deadly barbs, working themselves up into such a blood frenzy that they can shrug off most fatal wounds. In battle Ghouls fight more like a pack of animals than any sort of regiment, with a Ghast acting as a pack leader.


- 1x plastic Ghoul Sprue (2 figures)

- 1x metal Ghast Torso

- 2x plastic 20mm bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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