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Firefight Plague Murder Birds

  • Firefight Plague Murder Birds
  • Firefight Plague Murder Birds
  • Firefight Plague Murder Birds
THG Price: $16.99


Known by a variety of names, depending on the nature of local fauna, flocks of infected flying creatures are frequently reported as attacking the uninfected. Larger Murderbirds, believed to be 2nd generation creatures, grow larger and become aggressive pack hunters, while 3rd generation flocks may number hundreds of smaller creatures and act as screens for other Plague forms. The co-ordination in these attacks suggests a directing intelligence, the existence of a controller or master. Whether this master is a 1st Generation Plague Lord or some other, as yet unidentified variant, is as yet unconfirmed.


- 2 resin Murder Birds

- 2 40mm round MDF bases

- 1 set flying bases

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