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Fantasy Hero: The Atlantean Age - Pre-owned

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Tens of thousands of years before the modern day, Earth was a very different place: a realm where magic took the place of Science, strange monsters walked the land, and the Dominion of Atlantis was the most powerful in the world. The Atlantean Age is your guide to this wondrous high fantasy setting for Fantasy Hero -- to a world where characters possess awesome powers of might and magic that may make them the equal of the gods themselves!

It includes:

- A complete history of the Dominion of Atlantis from its humble beginnings, to its golden age, to its collapse into decadence and civil war

- A look at the people of Atlantis and her world, including their customs, social life, trade, gods, and warfare

- A kingdom-by-kingdom review of the lands of the Dominion and her chief rival, the Empire of Lemuria

- A complete Atlantean magic system with nearly a hundred spells and enchanted items rules for Atlantean Age character creation, showing how to adapt the Hero System to the setting

- GMing advice and suggestions, including Atlantean villains and monsters

Prepare your spear, your shield, and cast your mightiest spells -- the perils and treasure of The Atlantean Age await you!


Very Good // An item with noticeable but minor shelfwear. Scuffs and scrapes on exterior but spine / box corners and interior in excellent condition. Contents are complete. May have price / shop sticker on packaging or book cover.

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