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40k Codex: Eldar Craftworlds (8th) - Pre-owned

  • 40k Codex: Eldar Craftworlds (8th) - Pre-owned
  • 40k Codex: Eldar Craftworlds (8th) - Pre-owned
  • 40k Codex: Eldar Craftworlds (8th) - Pre-owned
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Codex: Craftworlds contains a wealth of background and rules -- the definitive book for Craftworld Aeldari collectors. Within this 128-page hardback, you'll find:


- Remnants of the Fall: the origins of the Craftworld Aeldari

- Organisation of Craftworld warhosts, along with the strategic disposition of Aeldari Craftworlds -- this includes a breakdown of the colours, symbols and iconography of the worlds that remain, and the structure of their armies;

- Detailed background and heraldry of the Craftworlds

- Wanderers of the Stars: brief profiles of more Craftworlds

- The Doom of the Aeldari: a timeline of significant events

- Background and details on each character, vehicle and unit available to an Aeldari army;

- A showcase of painted Citadel miniatures


Everything you need to get a Craftworld Aeldari army primed for games of Warhammer 40,000 is in here:

- 46 datasheets containing rules for every Craftworld Aeldari unit and miniature;

- Army abilities reflecting the Craftworld Aeldari's methods of war on the tabletop,;

- The Forge of Vaul

- Points values for all miniatures, weapons and wargear for use in Matched Play games;

- A Lethal Elegance: rules for Battle-forged armies

- Craftworld Attributes

- 6 unique Warlord Traits

- 5 Craftworld-specific Warlord Traits

- 26 Stratagems

- Remnants of Glory

- Rune Disciplines

- 6 unique Tactical Objectives.


Excellent // An item with very minor, if any, shelfwear. Occasional scuffs on exterior but spine and interior pages in like-new condition. May have price / shop sticker on packaging or book cover. Packaging for long-OOP items may be worn or damaged, but items are complete and without damage.

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