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40k Codex: Chaos Knights (9th)

  • 40k Codex: Chaos Knights (9th)
  • 40k Codex: Chaos Knights (9th)
  • 40k Codex: Chaos Knights (9th)
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Inside this 112-page hardback book, you'll find:

- In-depth background on the Chaos Knights, the Iconoclast and Infernal Knight Houses, and the perfidious Dreadblades

- Detailed artwork of the devastation wrought by these Fallen Nobles and their apocalyptic steeds, as well as the icons of their most feared Houses

- All the rules you need to play a Chaos Knights army, including 10 datasheets, unique upgrades and powers, and how to include a Knight in other Chaos armies

- Complete rules for Crusade campaigns and narrative games, in which your Knights set the galaxy aflame as they progress down the Eightfold Path to Damnation

- An 'Eavy Metal miniatures showcase full of wonderfully painted Chaos Knights miniatures

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