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Kings of War Trident Realm Siren - Backorder

  • Kings of War Trident Realm Siren
  • Kings of War Trident Realm Siren
  • Kings of War Trident Realm Siren
  • Kings of War Trident Realm Siren
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This product is a presale. Presale items are not currently in stock but are on order with the supplier, or in some cases will be ordered to fulfill your purchase. Presale items are provided for sale for your convenience and to benefit from promotions that we may run from time to time. We typically place restock orders at the beginning of every week, with orders shipping to us usually later that week, thus these items usually arrive within 1-2 weeks. Please note, however, that given the current state of logistics and supply, our restock order could be pushed back or delayed.


Sirens were once Naiads that, against all odds, fell deeply in love with beings not of their realm. When an unlikely lover does not return the attention or is killed, a Siren's vengeance can be terrible. They live with an unfathomable grief and their haunting songs ripple across the ocean, luring unfortunates to their eventual doom when they do not live up to the Siren's warped and broken dreams.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


The material Mantic used for these models, sculpted originally for the League of Infamy board game, is a soft PVC similar to Dungeon Saga and Star Saga miniatures. Some thinner parts may bend, and this can be fixed by submerging in hot water. Please contact us if you have issues or would like additional guidance.

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