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Kings of War Nightstalker Void Lurker - Backorder

  • Kings of War Nightstalker Void Lurker
  • Kings of War Nightstalker Void Lurker
  • Kings of War Nightstalker Void Lurker
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Unspeakable and unimaginable things have lived in the dimensions between worlds for eternity. Some have an intelligence of sorts and understand enough to sense the rents in the fabric of the universe and know how to locate them. These Void Lurkers attach themselves to the Nightstalkers as they stream into the fascinating and bizarre reality where the mortals reside. There, they coalesce into whatever mismatched and petrifying shape will best sate their voracious appetites.


- 1x resin Void Lurker

- 1x 50mm MDF base

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