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Kings of War Elf Gladestalkers Scout Regiment - Backorder

  • Kings of War Elf Gladestalkers Scout Regiment
  • Kings of War Elf Gladestalkers Scout Regiment
  • Kings of War Elf Gladestalkers Scout Regiment
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Gladestalkers act as the vanguard of the elven forces, scouting ahead of armies and loosing hails of deadly arrows from the cover of the woods. Elves are renowned across Pannithor as woodsmen and pathfinders without peer, and the Gladestalkers are exemplars of these skills. They live solitary lives guarding the great forest trails and pathways, gathering into regiments in times of war.


- 20 plastic Elf Gladestalkers with bows

- Comes with quivers and hand weapons

- 20mm bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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