THG Covid-19 Status

Yes, we're open!

The governor has ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses in West Virginia by 8pm 3/24/2020. While hardly considered "essential" by typical definition (or even ours!), primarily online-based businesses with small numbers of employees engaged in shipping products to end users is considered such by the Department of Homeland Security, an effort to maintain as much of the status quo as possible while minimizing social contact. Therefore, Troll Hoard Games will remain open and continue to ship product while we have it.

We know that many of your local shops are temporarily closing down, and we're there for you if you need supplies for the next few weeks; HOWEVER, closing for even a short period of time is an incredible strain on finances, and we highly encourage you to reach out to your FLGS to see if they can take online sales, or if you can purchase a gift certificate to use for your hobby needs at a later time. Even if they need to ship the purchase across town, your support will mean a lot to them and could very literally mean the difference between a temporary closure and shutting their doors for good. In these trying times, our communities need our help to survive; please think of your local shops first!

Should our situation change, which is always possible given how rapidly everything is evolving, we will be certain to let post here.