Black Library Ahriman: Eternal (PB)

  • Black Library Ahriman: Eternal (PB)
  • Black Library Ahriman: Eternal (PB)
  • Black Library Ahriman: Eternal (PB)
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Book Four in the Ahriman Series

Doom has come upon the Thousand Sons. A plague of fire and dust stalks the Legion across time and space, born from the sorcerous Rubric that saved them from annihilation and damned them for eternity. One by one, the spirits of the Rubricae are vanishing from the prisons of their armour -- and one by one, living sorcerers are cursed to take their place.

Driven by the obsessive need to save his Legion and find redemption, Ahzek Ahriman seeks the time-altering technology of the forgotten necrons to overwrite his past mistakes. Shadowed by aeldari Harlequins, and with secrets and divisions spreading through his forces, the Arch-Sorcerer must find a new path to salvation -- before all becomes dust.

Written by John French.


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