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Age of Sigmar Skaven Stormvermin

  • Age of Sigmar Skaven Stormvermin
  • Age of Sigmar Skaven Stormvermin
  • Age of Sigmar Skaven Stormvermin
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This box set contains 20 multi-part plastic Stormvermin armed with rusty halberds. This 148-piece set includes: two each of 12 variations of head, four each of five variations of shield, nine different design of body-fronts that can be further varied by mixing with the various rear-body sections, two each of 10 halberds, and seven variants of shield arm. Also included are all of the components needed to assemble a Stormvermin Drummer, a Standard Bearer and a Fangleader. Models supplied with 20x 25mm round bases and 20x 20mm square bases.


This is a GW Direct / website exclusive item that is provided in a nondescript white box. In addition, our retail agreement with Games Workshop prevents us from shipping this item outside of the country. International sales are unable to be fulfilled at this time.

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