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Age of Sigmar Generals Handbook 2022 - Season 2 (3rd)

  • Age of Sigmar Generals Handbook 2022 - Season 2 (3rd)
  • Age of Sigmar Generals Handbook 2022 - Season 2 (3rd)
  • Age of Sigmar Generals Handbook 2022 - Season 2 (3rd)
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Inside this 96-page ringbound book, you'll find:

- Background material that shines a light on one of the continents engaged in the glacial battle with Thondia for dominance over the Ghurish Heartlands: Gallet, the Splintered Land

- The newest Pitched Battles battlepack, which you'll need in order to fight Pitched Battles in the current tournament season. This includes the current army selection rules, an introduction to the Battle Ready standard of painting, and a complete list of official publications for use in Pitched Battles

- New realm rules for fighting in the lightless depths of Gallet

- Three new core battalions and a host of unique enhancements to muster your army for the cavern-wars

- 12 updated and new battleplans, along with six grand strategies and eight battle tactics

- Up-to-date warscrolls for each of the universal Endless Spells

- A blank tournament scoring sheet for you to photocopy and use

- The Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Rules

The ring-bound General's Handbook and layout of the battleplans have been designed so that the book can be folded flat to save space, while still providing an overview of the essential information to easily reference once the game has begun.

This book also comes with a card token board, which contains 14 double-sided tokens to use as objective markers and reference your battle tactics.


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