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Vampire: The Requiem Nosferatu - Pre-owned

  • Vampire: The Requiem Nosferatu - Pre-owned
  • Vampire: The Requiem Nosferatu - Pre-owned
THG Price: $34.99


Horror lurks in the darkest places of the World of Darkness. They are the Nosferatu, outcast and shunned. They are the nightmares the lurk just beyond the safety of the firelight, waiting with wicked fangs and unclean hungers for those who stray too far into the night. But even the night terrors have things to fear. Come, and learn of them.

A Clan book for Vampire: The Requiem

- Uncover the filth-ridden origins of the Nosferatu in ancient Greece, where they haunted the Mediterranean nights as the god-plagued nosophoros.

- Explore the Necropoli of the Nosferatu, the warrens where the horrors dwell.

- Discover the many faces of the clan: the bizarre, the vile, the battle-hardened and the hidden.

- New Merits, bloodlines, Discipline powers and clan secrets that every Vampire: the Requiem player will want to have.


Very Good // An item with noticeable but minor shelfwear. Scuffs and scrapes on exterior but spine / box corners and interior in excellent condition. Contents are complete. May have price / shop sticker on packaging or book cover.

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