Bot War Red Star Nation Brontoborg (Metal)

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  • Bot War Red Star Nation Brontoborg (Metal)
  • Bot War Red Star Nation Brontoborg (Metal)
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Bot War is a 10mm skirmish wargame played on a 3'x3' table. While the scale is 10mm, Bots and other creatures range from 20mm for the smallest Bot to 140mm for the huge combined Bots. The story takes place on an alternate Earth and revolves around two main protagonists: The Democracy, a reflection of 1980s USA, and Atlantica, an underwater kingdom inspired by Atlantis. There are 10 different factions and the game opens after a major, devastating war between The Democracy and Atlantica in which the arrival of Bots saved the Democracy from destruction and slavery. Welcome to Bot War!


When Atlantica attacked, the Red Star Nations were relatively protected, having a minimal coastline. Initially they were pleased that the Democracy was suffering at the hands of King Gills. However, they soon became concerned and sent their best troops to the coastal regions on their continent to help bleed King Gills of troops. When King Gills was defeated, the Red Star Nations were in an advantageous position against the recovering Democracy, having retained much of their strength. That changed when the Overlords arrived.

The scouting forces of the Overlords crashed via meteors into the Red Star Nation capital, and the city was soon overrun with roving bands of gigantic shark warriors. In one such meteor, Red Star scientists found a green ooze with which the Overlords used to mutate their progeny. Using this ooze the Red Star scientists reactivated prehistoric DNA and revitalized the Earth's greatest creatures to meet the shark warrior threat. Titanic monster battles erupted in the streets as prehistoric creatures and mutants ripped and teared at each other. To give them a greater advantage in the conflict, Red Star scientists used the green ooze to create a fusion of living cells capable of merging with Red Star technology. First they used this cyborg technology on the Red Star's elite infantry, turning them into walking weapons of destruction. Later the prehistoric creatures themselves received the same treatment, allowing better control over the beasts, not to mention some serious firepower. The Overlords were slowly pushed back to the borders of the Red Star Nations and into the territory of the feudal terrorist states supported by Snake Corp.


The Brontoborg was the second Dinoborg created. General Melkov identified a need for a forward mobile fortress to hold off counter attacks while his forces regroup. Surprisingly, the Brontoborg turned out to be a hyper territorial beast. While quite placid normally, when its space is threatened, the beast can be as violent as Tyrannoborg, if not more, so it was perfect for its intended purpose.

The cybernetic enhancements have been designed to help maximise these traits of Brontoborg by creating a 360 degree defence perimeter. Brontoborgs's main weapon is its heavy tail, the thagomizer. Easily able to knock a heavy bot over 100 metres with incredible force. Similarly, Brontoborg treats Shark Warriors like golf balls at a sunday afternoon golf driving range. Often General Melkov himself, along with his Cyberborg comrades, are transported into battle on the landing platforms of Brontoborg.

This set comes with enough parts to make 1x Brontoborg. This is a metal multipart kit. Superglue required for assembly (not included). This set comes with 1 x 75mm oval black plastic base.

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