Bot War Overlords Hammerhead Shark Warrior (Metal)

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  • Bot War Overlords Hammerhead Shark Warrior (Metal)
  • Bot War Overlords Hammerhead Shark Warrior (Metal)
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Bot War is a 10mm skirmish wargame played on a 3'x3' table. While the scale is 10mm, Bots and other creatures range from 20mm for the smallest Bot to 140mm for the huge combined Bots. The story takes place on an alternate Earth and revolves around two main protagonists: The Democracy, a reflection of 1980s USA, and Atlantica, an underwater kingdom inspired by Atlantis. There are 10 different factions and the game opens after a major, devastating war between The Democracy and Atlantica in which the arrival of Bots saved the Democracy from destruction and slavery. Welcome to Bot War!


The Overlords are aliens from another Galaxy. They are compulsive and habitual gamblers, and the passion for every Overlord is arena games. These games take place on their home planet and are gladiatorial battles fought by monsters bred and trained by the Overlords, taking the fiercest creatures and mutating them sometimes beyond what their host bodies can withstand. At other times the Overlords find a relatively stable mutation and breed these creatures to serve as personal bodyguards as much for prestige as for any real protection. The Overlords have arrived on Earth not for any grand scheme of conquest but instead to simply test their progeny against the might of the Bots. Once the skills of their creatures are honed to combat perfection, they will head back to their home planet and on to fame and glory.


The Gorger, Ripper, Chomper, and Thresher variants of shark warrior are all progenies of Gorg the magnificent. All stable mutations that act as Gorg's personal troops. However, recently Gorg's hated older sibling has arrived on Earth. An Overlord that is a brutal bully, Krog does not possess the innovative flair that Gorg has shown. As such, Krog simply bullied Gorg to give him a version of his shark mutation formula and has produced his own force of Hammerhead Shark Warriors. The Hammerheads have slightly more dexterity and more arm strength than Gorg's Shark Warriors, but their dexterity is less stable. This means that Hammerheads could be great at shooting or so terrible at it they wouldnt even be able to aim or pull a trigger.

This set comes with enough parts to make one RANDOM Hammerhead Shark Warrior. This is a METAL multipart kit. Superglue required for assembly (not included). This set comes with 1 x 40mm round black plastic base.

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