Bot War Democracy Desert Strike Missile & Squirrel (Metal)

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  • Bot War Democracy Desert Strike Missile & Squirrel (Metal)
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Bot War is a 10mm skirmish wargame played on a 3'x3' table. While the scale is 10mm, Bots and other creatures range from 20mm for the smallest Bot to 140mm for the huge combined Bots. The story takes place on an alternate Earth and revolves around two main protagonists: The Democracy, a reflection of 1980s USA, and Atlantica, an underwater kingdom inspired by Atlantis. There are 10 different factions and the game opens after a major, devastating war between The Democracy and Atlantica in which the arrival of Bots saved the Democracy from destruction and slavery. Welcome to Bot War!


Despite the Democracy's three year alliance with the Valiants, they still distrust Bot technology. The Democracy forces are made up of highly trained specialists working as a tight-knit team. They excel in stealth tactics and guerrilla warfare. They rely on regular tanks, helicopters, and other traditional military equipment to do any heavy lifting that is required. The Democracy has perfected this method of war to the point that they can now hold their own against enemy bot forces.


As the Bot War front widened, it became painfully obvious to the Democracy high command that a more direct approach to the Bot threat was required. With the Defiance surge tank being expensive and difficult to produce, Democracy scientists managed to place similar technology into a more primitive delivery system, repurposing old cold war ballistic missiles to carry warheads that disrupt and overload the circuits of almost any machine. Mounting this weapons system on the cheaper and easier to produce Honey Badger chassis allowed this valuable weapon to be widely available to Democracy frontline troops.

The Squirrel Buggy was designed by Jack MacGyver to be deployed from the Buffalo in times when that little extra firepower was required. Equipped with twin anti-Bot gatling guns, the buggy is a remote piloted drone that may even operate on limited AI if Buffalo is destroyed or Jack is incapacitated.

This set comes with enough parts to make 1 x Desert Strike Launcher and 1x Squirrel Special Branch Buggy. This is a metal multipart kit. Superglue required for assembly (not included). This set comes with 1 x 40mm and 1 x 32mm round black plastic bases.

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