Bot War Infesters Maggot & Larvae (Resin)

  • Bot War Infesters Maggot & Larvae (Resin)
  • Bot War Infesters Maggot & Larvae (Resin)
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Bot War is a 10mm skirmish wargame played on a 3'x3' table. While the scale is 10mm, Bots and other creatures range from 20mm for the smallest Bot to 140mm for the huge combined Bots. The story takes place on an alternate Earth and revolves around two main protagonists: The Democracy, a reflection of 1980s USA, and Atlantica, an underwater kingdom inspired by Atlantis. There are 10 different factions and the game opens after a major, devastating war between The Democracy and Atlantica in which the arrival of Bots saved the Democracy from destruction and slavery. Welcome to Bot War!


Infesters are the final form of what Deceivers will become. Since the fall of those Valiants now known as the Deceivers, corruption has continued to build within their circuits. Over time, this corruption warps and changes the Deceiver in both mind and body. No longer able to control their appetites for power and conquest, they become swarmlike beasts, enslaved to their primal urges.


Always hungry, Maggot is a bloated Infester almost devoid of any self. Even the Queen only has a vicarious grasp on controlling Maggot. So long has Maggot been consumed by the curse of infesterism that no Bot knows what Maggot's Bot form even looks like. Instead, Maggot remains in its beast form, nurturing its symbiote larvae until their next meal.

Maggot travels through the earth detecting vibration signals on the surface. Once it determines the signature of the vibrations, Maggot's huge bulk bursts onto the surface to devour its prey. Larvae exit from Maggot's portals and help consume the energy locked within the struggling prey.

This set comes with enough parts to make 1 x Maggot and 4 x Larvae. This is a resin multipart kit. Superglue required for assembly (not included). This set comes with 1 x 60mm and 4 x 32mm round black plastic bases.

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