Rackham AT-43 Karmans Army Book

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  • Rackham AT-43 Karmans Army Book
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"Every warrior gets to choose between the path to victory and the path to defeat, death and life. Karman warriors always choose victory."

The Karmans, wise warriors on a quest for freedom and peace, have decided to march into battle as war spreads through the universe. They have analyzed the path taken by the cosmos and have seen its future...

In AT-43, Operation Damocles has rushed the universe on a course of war and chaos. The Karmans are fulfilling their fate by choosing to join in: They are the chosen few destined to guide the other races towards victory and wisdom! This book includes everything you need to know to play and oppose the Karmans:

- Exclusive information concerning the history of the Karmans, the way their citizens live and the worlds they govern;

- The army rules for the three Karman factions: Libra, Nova and Flux;

- The history and rules of famous heroes: Mentor Freezer, Venerable Cornelius and Saint Armstrong;

- The Karman infantry and vehicle rules;

- Revelations on the Karmans spiritual quest


Excellent // An item with very minor, if any, shelfwear. Occasional scuffs on exterior but spine and interior pages in like-new condition. May have price / shop sticker on packaging or book cover. Packaging for long-OOP items may be worn or damaged, but items are complete and without damage.

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