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Phoenix Command: Civilian Weapon Data Supplement

  • Phoenix Command: Civilian Weapon Data Supplement
  • Phoenix Command: Civilian Weapon Data Supplement
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Now the Phoenix Command Small Arms Combat System has been expanded to include 117 of the most popular firearms currently available to civilians and police across the United States. Included are:

- Revolvers, from the Derringer to the 454 Casull

- Automatic Pistols, from the Walther PPK to the LAR Grizzly

- Bolt Action Rifles, from the Remington 22-250 to the 460 Weatherby

- Lever Action Rifles, from the 30-30 Winchester to the 444 Marlin

- Semi-Automatic Rifles, from the Ruger 10/22 to the Browning BAR

- Paramilitary Weapons, from the Uzi Pistol to the Heckler & Koch M93

- Shotguns, from the 410 Gauge to the 10 Gauge Magnum

This is the 2nd Edition of the Civilian Weapon Data Supplement and includes many new weapon entries, among them the Glock 9mm, the LAR Grizzly in 9mm & 45 Winchester Magnum, the Bren 10mm, the Desert Eagle 44 Magnum, and the 454 Casull. With this fully illustrated supplement, Phoenix Command has a wide range of new uses, including espionage, police, and post-apocalypse settings.

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