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Mierce Byzantii Iqqud, Dromedon Primus

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  • Mierce Byzantii Iqqud, Dromedon Primus
  • Mierce Byzantii Iqqud, Dromedon Primus
  • Mierce Byzantii Iqqud, Dromedon Primus
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The immortal Emperor Constantine III of Byzantia may rule over a thousand realms but still he covets the power & the glory of his western ancestors at their height. He will stop at nothing to recover the lands & the strength the barbarians took from the emperors of the west & thus it is that his lumbering legions of man & fiend march further & harder than they have ever done, conquering new realms & re-conquering those that were lost, destroying the ancient enemies of Roma mercilessly, for his alliance with the pantheon opposed to the one God - the same one God that made the Romanii weak - demands such if they are to continue lending their diabolic power. The Byzantii, Constantine knows, are a proud & worthy race & they will not be found weak in the eyes of the Infernii; & nor will the Infernii - or indeed the upstart barbarians of the west - halt the rise of Byzantia & Constantine III.

Dromedo - freakish, outsized camel-creatures from the deserts of Afrika - are savage & nasty fighters for the Byzantii legions.

Each Dromedon will be around 60-70mm to the eye & will stand on an 80mm base. They are Wild monstrous beasts of the Byzantii Legio II Var realm & can be fielded in units of 1-3 warriors.


- 1 x Iqqud, Dromedon Primus

- 1 x 80mm round Darklands base

Height(to the eye / top of miniature)

58mm / 91mm

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