Mierce Infernii Scecchus, Servile Fiend of Dis

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The demons of Infernus are many & varied. Those of Dis, one of the myriad Circles of Infernus, are directly allied with the Byzantii thanks to their martial abilities & indomitable will. Even so, their father Dispater, a being of hate & cruelty, ultimately drives his sons to the realms of man for his own ends, although there is common purpose in slaughtering the enemies of Constantine. For demons cannot exist in the material world without the souls the Byzantii offer to them, & whilst these weaklings provide for him Dispater is content: & yet power & domination are his ultimate goals, that & the overthrow of the hated realms of God.


1 x Great Axe Scecchus, Servile Fiend of Dis

1 x 60mm round Darklands base

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