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Firefight Plague Mortar Mule - Backorder

  • Firefight Plague Mortar Mule
  • Firefight Plague Mortar Mule
  • Firefight Plague Mortar Mule
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THG Price: $38.99



This product is a presale. Presale items are not currently in stock but are on order with the supplier; our first batch of preorder items has sold out, and this is our second preorder batch. Presale items are expected to arrive within 2 weeks, but please note that given the current state of logistics and supply, our restock order could be pushed back or delayed.


Only when a mind is so diseased and riddled with the plague that it has lost all sense of rationality, would a person conceive of bolting a giant mortar to the back of a light military pick-up. Luckily for plague generals, that describes almost everyone and everything under their command.


- 1 x Plastic Mule

- 1 x Plastic Plague Mule Upgrade Kit

- 1 x Resin Mortar Upgrade Kit

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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