FFG Blood Bound - Open Box

  • FFG Blood Bound
  • FFG Blood Bound
  • FFG Blood Bound
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Blood Bound is a game of deduction bluffing and betrayal for six to twelve players. Each player belongs to one of two rival vampire clans and fellow clan members must work together to capture the opposing clan's leader. The catch? Identities are hidden at the start of the game disguising ally and enemy alike. By attacking other players and forcing them to reveal information about their identities players begin to distinguish friend from foe in their efforts to root out their rivals' leader. Blood Bound provides a fun and fast-paced social experience. Unique abilities for each character ensure dynamic play scenarios. Ideal for larger gaming groups or parties Blood Bound supports up to twelve players.


This is an Open Box / Ding & Dent item. The contents have been verified and are in new, on-the-sprue condition, but the packaging is open, damaged, and / or not included.

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