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FFE d20 System (3.0) Character Record Sheets

  • Fast Forward Entertainment d20 System (3.0) Character Record Sheets
  • Fast Forward Entertainment d20 System (3.0) Character Record Sheets
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The Best Character Record Sheet Ever...

This set of d20 Character Record Sheets includes individualized character record sheets for each of the 11 core character classes, as well as specialized record sheets for multi-class characters, significant NPCs, character spellbooks and more. These sheets balance look with functionality, giving players something they can actually use in a game, but still look good. A simple but extremely useful addition to every players library. Fast Forward Entertainment has taken the best ideas from over three years of Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition rules, over 100 accumulated years of role-playing, collected them with all the reviews, comments, critiques, and generally good ideas about character record sheets that we've found, and put together the best set of CRS's that money can buy!

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