DragonLance Heroes: Weasel's Luck (PB) - Pre-owned

  • DragonLance Heroes: Weasel's Luck (PB) - Pre-owned
  • DragonLance Heroes: Weasel's Luck (PB) - Pre-owned
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Heroes Volume III

Weasel's luck was not always good. Galen Pathwarden, known unaffectionately as "the Weasel," would give anything to stay clear of adventure, danger, or heroism. But that is before young Galen is pitch-forked into the center of a centuries-old curse, one family blood-feud too many, and a knightly tournament unto death. Together, Galen, the great Solamnic Knight, Sir Bayard Brightblade, and a non-too-bright centaur Agion must overcome the schemes and traps of a sinister illusionist known only as the Scorpion.


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