Battle Systems Core Space Dangerous Days Expansion

  • Battle Systems Core Space Dangerous Days Expansion
  • Battle Systems Core Space Dangerous Days Expansion
  • Battle Systems Core Space Dangerous Days Expansion
  • Battle Systems Core Space Dangerous Days Expansion
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The galaxy is fast heading for a new dark age. Although dealt a serious blow, the Purge are fighting back & they're winning. Worlds shut their borders, trade routes close & travel between sectors is met with hostility. The Purge are virtually unchallenged & are sweeping through sector after sector. In these desperate times the Traders are forced to take more dangerous jobs for less gain.

Life is hard but so are the Traders; this is where they are at their best, fighting impossible odds & scraping a living. In a galaxy where the authorities are ignoring the real dangers & the soldiers stand by idle, a new type of hero is needed. Maybe you are that hero!

Dangerous Days is a supplement for Core Space: The Sci-fi Miniatures Game. This book expands the sandbox & adds whole new layers to the game. Up the difficulty of your campaigns, interact with a wider range of terrain, & play through the epic new Dangerous Days narrative. Time to start up the ion drive & re-enter Core Space!

This book contains:

- New Campaign Rules -- Crank it up to 11 as the new galactic conditions force your crew into life-changing decisions.

- New NPCs -- Add Workers & Scavengers to your games & adapt your tactics to overcome the new challenges.

- Rogue Purge -- What happens when the Purge disconnect from their masters? Watch & learn as they invade your board as NPCs & then take control of them as a new Trader crew!

- New Special Rules -- Add new terrain types to your games & find new ways to interact with your surroundings.

- Core Space FAQ

- The Dangerous Days Campaign -- 8 narrative missions in which you will infiltrate mighty corporations & reluctantly ally yourself with the galactic police!

- New Mission Briefings -- Over 15 additional standalone missions collated from the Mission Monday archives!

- Painting Guide

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