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Age of Sigmar Battletome: Kharadron Overlords (3rd)

  • Age of Sigmar Battletome: Kharadron Overlords (3rd)
  • Age of Sigmar Battletome: Kharadron Overlords (3rd)
  • Age of Sigmar Battletome: Kharadron Overlords (3rd)
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This book contains everything you need to know when commanding your own sky-fleet in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

This 96-page hardback book contains:

- The carefully-documented background of the Kharadron Overlords, including their fall and rise through the history of the Mortal Realms, all the way to the return of Grungni himself in the Era of the Beast

- Breathtaking art that brings the strange mechanisms and lofty world of the sky-ports to life

- 17 warscrolls and pitched battle profiles for Kharadron Overlords armies, from well-respected Codewrights to the roguish Drekki Flynt himself

- Rules themed around the six most famous sky-ports, plus battle traits, command traits, artefacts of power, and Great Endrinworks

- Path to Glory campaign rules that send you out on grand mercantile ventures, plus a new battleplan and three warscroll battalions for use in narrative play

- Matched play content, including four grand strategies and six battle tactics unique to the Kharadron Overlords

- A showcase of Kharadron Overlords miniatures from the various sky-ports, with guides to painting them yourself

This battletome contains a one-use code to add the book to your digital library in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: The App.


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